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Are you interested in keeping Millbrook Meadow looking great?

We have many opportunities to be part of the continued preservation of Millbrook Meadow and Pond. You can make a difference for the Meadow, Pond, the neighborhood, and the visitors who enjoy this green jewel all year long.

We'll match you up with opportunities to get involved, provide you with an opportunity to learn, and the flexibility that fits within your schedule. 


Our volunteers help keep the steps clean, help to control weeds and invasive plants, water during drought conditions or when there are new plantings, pick up trash, assist in special projects, maintain a particular area or target a specific problem.

Please join us! Come make new friends, have fun, learn about plants and wildlife while enjoying the outdoors and keeping the Millbrook Meadow and Pond healthy for future generations.

For more information, send a message (see below) to our Volunteer Coordinator.

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