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Welcome to Millbrook 
Meadow and Mill Pond

This magical four-acre park is nestled in downtown Rockport, just a stone's throw from Front Beach. Nearly half of it is Mill Pond -- a pristine wonderland of aquatic plants, with turtles, eels, ducks, birds, otters, beavers, and fish.


The Meadow comprises the other half, an open space with a beautiful winding brook, a frog pond, native shade garden and delightful stone bridge. It's a special place for play and relaxation. And a favorite spot for fairs and seasonal festivals.  

Since 1938 volunteers have kept it beautiful for everyone. We have just completed a long overdue, major restoration of this green gem for our community. Welcome!


Welcome to your Meadow!  Make a donation to preserve your  Millbrook Meadow!  See GIVING tab.

Rockport Millbrook Meadow Conservancy 

This beautiful meadow and pond have served many. Richard Tarr, the community's first settler in the 1690's, used it as his mowing field. In 1701, John Poole and Thomas Witham built a saw and grist mill here. And in 1938, with the intervention of the Rockport Garden Club, the meadow attained its best and highest use -- a park for the Town of Rockport. 


Generation after generation, our Millbrook Meadow and Pond have given Rockport respite and solace from the effects of hectic life. Now it is our generation's turn to give renewed life to the meadow.  The Rockport Millbrook Meadow Conservancy has been formed to support restoration goals, and to ensure  that  the Meadow and the Mill Pond are cared for,  to last another century.

Please join us to preserve, protect and renew Rockport's green treasure.

The Restoration 

   The master plan for restoring our park and revitalizing the Mill Pond was carefully designed, reviewed and approved by the community, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and our Rockport Conservation Commission. In 2016 work began to revitalize the Mill and Frog ponds. About 3,350 tons of sediment were dredged and 5,000 square feet of encroaching cattails removed. 

   Next, attention turned to the Meadow. The brook has been restored to its historic, meandering course. Construction included a “wingwall" to flow efficiently under Beach Street to the Atlantic. The new Brook design will handle the heavy rains of Spring so the Meadow is not a soggy bog. Our ponds and brook are friendlier to aquatic wildlife, plants and people. 

   In Spring 2019 we planted new trees, shrubs, other plants and grasses.  Thanks to the late Adah Markeran anonymous donor, a Native Shade Garden was created in the space between Lura's Steps, King St. and the Frog Pond, in memory of Barbara W. Beyea (1920-2016) of Rockport. We've also installed an electric system for the park for use during festivals and fairs, and a watering system for use with gardens in the Meadow. There are three new gardens created by the Rockport Garden Club.  Thanks to private donations we  have a new playground , our new local granite addition, Millie the Millbrook Whale, and a long stone sitting wall beneath the dam. 

  Last year we added new trees, shrubs, plants and ground cover, and we'll continue this spring.  Come and enjoy!


Millbrook Meadow Committee and Millbrook Meadow Conservancy



Millbrook Meadow and Mill Pond are Rockport’s Green Jewels. We strive to create and ensure a healthy, sustainable landscape for relaxation, recreation, and education for all.



The Millbrook Meadow Committee and Millbrook Meadow Conservancy welcome public and private partners to help care for and sustain Rockport’s Millbrook Meadow and Mill Pond as a treasured green space for public enjoyment.

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